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Just in time for the heavy hitting house summer anthem season, Drummer Street Records and David Lawson serve us an updated version of Vicki Shepard's "Somewhere". Mix wise, Lawson has covered his bases well providing listeners with Trance, House, a touch of Progressive House, and a couple of excellent dubs thrown in for good measure!

Everyone who's been reading my rants for a while knows that I'm not a huge fan of dubs, but the "Haarmeyer House Dub" (7:12) really caught my attention! Most dubs are so intent on making noise that they tend to fall into the same old rut - repetition. This mix uses just enough vocals to let listeners know that Divalisious Vicki is back! Haarmeyer works many of the same sounds, but blends them effortlessly and allows the track to morph and truly take on its own identity.

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"David's Detuned Anthem" (9:53) is a great tune for vocal track heads like myself. Lawson has created an extremely mesmerizing intro that pumps with energy. Shepard is famous for her Euro House sound and this mix doesn't disappoint. It adds lots of showy synth sounds complete with short keyboard stabs creating a type of moodiness that gives the track a gritty, earthly feel. Lawson does a good job of using the sequence of his breakdowns, which kept my head bobbing. At almost 10:00; this track is sure to garner many club spins!

The "Tea Time Mix" (7:13) is an excellent hybrid of Hi-NRG and Vocal House. Lawson has slowed down his BPM's, but this mix still packs quite a bit of muscle. The mix begins with a series of piano sounds that quickly develop into a high end, quality vocal track. Powerhouse Vicki Shepard's vocals are a true treasure, both clean and crisp. This is something not always found in dance music.

The "Let's Fly Somewhere Dub 3000" (9:01) gives us a hard-hitting bass line. Let me be the first to warn you that if this track is played loud enough, this mix has the capacity to blow up your bass bins! Dark and edgy, this dub is a trance number with plenty of drops and breaks. Samples of outtakes from studio sessions of Vicki singing, "let's fly somewhere" was the inspiration behind the track.

The CD finishes up with two bonus remixes of "All I Ask of You 2000" that include the "Spray 'n Dust Peak Hour Vocal Dub" (9:13) and the "Spray 'n Dust Vocal Mix" (10:24). These remixes of Vicki's previous hit single round out this excellent set of "Somewhere" mixes. Heads up! You heard it here first, "Somewhere 2000" will have you going everywhere on the dance floor.

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