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Randy Lance and his KromOzone project are no newcomers to the dance music world. You may remember that huge breakbeat hit "Stay In Love" (See NAJM Top 100) featuring vocals by Mon A Q a few years ago? Well that little run away hit marked just the beginning for this talented Tampa based artist. Filling the rolls of artist, remixer, songwriter, and producer, Randy followed that success with such hits as "Take My Love", and "Energy", and has now released "Luv With U", his first single off his recently released album "Love & Energy"!

Using music styles that are all over the place with licks of Freestyle, House, Trance and Breakbeat, "Luv With U gives us a sound for everyone. Tracks #1 "Good Vibe Radio Mix" (2:59) and #2 "(Good Vibe Mix Show Mix" (6:08) are hugely freestyle and somewhat reminiscent of "Bad of the Heart" by George Lamond a few years back. The vocal capsules are instantly infectious and make you sing the lines more than once.

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Lance treats us to two more strong breakbeat mixes with tracks #3 "Original Radio Mix" (4:06) and #4 "Original Club Mix" (6:07). These tracks both have steady basslines that are not sure whether they want to be breakbeat or house, but they tend to hover around breakbeat. Strong synthesizer licks, and heavy build-ups should make this Club cut dance floor ready.

Randy continues his epic remix conquest with #5 "Euro Trance Radio Mix" (3:59) & #6 "Euro Trance Club Mix" (9:30). Both of these mixes have all the ingredients of Euro and Trance to keep them from becoming distracting. These two mixes are the standouts of the set and are packed full of energy. True house stompers! Both of them should do well in the current Euro laden dance scene. With radio leaning more to the Euro sound (Alice DJ, Sonique) the Radio Mix could be in a position to cross over to mainstream radio.

Tracks #7 "Freestyle Fever Radio Mix" (4:14) and #8 "Freestyle Fever Club Mix" (7:35) represent the sound that put South Florida on the map with breakbeat. Lance has slowed down the progression of his mixes giving it a slightly more acoustic, dreamlike sound. These freestyle tracks emulate the light and airy feel weaving its way into the scene today. Tracks #9 "Progressive Trance Orbital" (8:42) and #10 "Break Trance Explosion" (8:42) are synth laden and provide us with quick, erratic beats seemingly to push the boundaries of technology. Both mixes will surely offer DJs infinite ways of keeping their floors moving.

Track #11 "Acapella" consists of the vocal-only tracks (complete with effects) used by Lance to construct the remixes. Fun for using as inserts, overdubs and maybe in your own home studio, the Acapella affords DJs additional flexibility. Finally, Tracks #12 and #13 "Want U Near Me (Radio & Club Mixes) are bonus tracks, borrowing heavily on funk, rock and serving up a fairly aggressive sound.

In many ways, History repeats itself. To circumvent that, Lance has expertly covered all of his bases. If trance dies out, he's got breakbeat. If breakbeat goes extinct there's always freestyle. With 11 mixes, "Luv With U" comes across with style. The future looks bright for the charasmastic Randy Lance and his KromOzone Project!


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