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Coming from the "Jorio Presents Cyber Diva" album, (see review) "Remember Me" features the operatic vocals of New York Metropolitan Opera Star soprano Danielle de Niese fused with progressive trance stylings of Jorio.

Based on Purcell's Dido and Aeneas, the 12" vinyl remixes come in two flavors: Side A is the airy and light cerebral trance "Space Brothers Remix" (8:14) 140 bpm, while the B side find the bongo drum tribal pumping "Junior Vasquez Sunday Morning Mix" (10:06) 130 bpm.

The Space Brothers Mix is very simple yet effective with its airy synths and ethereal vocals. The Junior Vasquez mix is distinctly different with its stepping bass line, bongo drums, and gritty synths. Both mixes preserve the vocals while offering very different feels. Jorio "Remember Me" featuring Cyber Diva is available on Decca Records as a 12" import.
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