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Live From South Beach

Ultra Nate

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Ultra Nate has stirred it up over the years with hits like "Found A Cure", "New Kind of Medicine", "Party Girl", "Free", and "If You Could Read My Mind" from the movie Studio 54. Now she's back with her debut full length entitled "Stranger Than Fiction" available on the Strictly Rhythm. NAJM recently caught up with Ultra on South Beach while promoting her new album...


NAJM: The new album, "Stranger than Fiction" is out, what are your expectations for the album?
ULTRA: I really don't know. That's kind of difficult. I really haven't thought about it. I've been so busy concentrating on making sure that it was excellent. I think at the end of the day, it's definitely the best work that I have ever done to date. I can easily listen to this album, which is the fourth album that I've put out.
NAJM: What are your personal goals?
ULTRA: I can see my growth, progress, and my evolution as a songwriter and as a vocalist, really as an artist in general, which is what you want to accomplish. For me it's about being successful on a personal level. There are a lot of albums that are out that are complete shit, so it doesn't mean anything necessarily. You want to balance that obviously because this is your livelihood, but you also want to make work that you are proud of and something that you can listen to and think that a good job was done. That it represents your work to the fullest.
NAJM: Where do you stand with releasing the album worldwide?
ULTRA: The album version that I just gave you, is actually the Japanese release. The US release was released the middle of the summer.
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) NAJM: Are you pleased with the way the album turned out?
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Her Personal Best

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ULTRA:  This is definitely my best album to date.
NAJM: What can we expect by way of singles off the album?
ULTRA: We've tried the waters with "Desire" last summer - it was a very summertime up type of song. People really dug it and I thought that was a great introduction.
NAJM: What is the album's concept?
ULTRA: The concept of the album is a romance novel. Each song has it's own story within the concept, within the series of "Stranger than Fiction". The current single is, "Get it Up (The Feeling)".

Ultra on Songwriting...

NAJM: Do you draw on your own personal experiences to write songs?
ULTRA: You definitely do. Songwriting can be introspective. It forces you to examine yourself in ways that you might not want to, or might not have thought about if you weren't in the business. You also learn how to feed off of what's going on around you. Not everything has to be autobiographical. Most of the time it is - obviously it's written from the way you see or feel things.
NAJM: How have you grown as a songwriter?
ULTRA: As you gain more experience as a songwriter you learn how to focus your energy and tell the story from any angle.
NAJM: You are currently on Strictly Rhythm, which is a major independent label, and this is your fourth album. What has that been like for you?
ULTRA: My marriage with Strictly has been very interesting. I've only been signed with them since '96, so this will be my second album with them.
NAJM: Who were you signed to previously?
ULTRA: My two previous albums were with Warner Brothers.
NAJM: How did that jump-start your career?
  ULTRA: That was a good introduction for me, especially coming from the dance music background. I was lucky to start off with a major in the UK that really understood dance music and gave me the ability to have picture sleeves, use my own name, and to really represent myself as opposed to being a secondary citizen in the making of this music.  
NAJM: Are you planning to tour?
ULTRA: I'm touring constantly, it's always important to stay in front of your audience.

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