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NAJM Presents Mark Hagan’s “Urban Textures 2” is an eclectic blend of electronic, ambient, and lush instrumental music featuring piano and keyboards. It is the third album in this 20-year long series by indie artist, producer and remixer Mark Hagan aka NAJM (Pronounced Nay-Jam). Recorded in South Florida, “Urban Textures 2” showcases live field recordings made in Toronto, Boston and Chicago. Capturing the essence of each city, the effect of combining urban sounds along with hauntingly beautiful melodies, “Urban Textures 2” is unlike any album that has come before it.

The intro track “Goodnight Boston” incorporates audio that was recorded the evening before the infamous Boston 2013 Marathon bombings. Its ominous tone foretells the events of the next day and the loss of innocence. “Metro 2” features a trip on the famous Chicago "L" train while capturing the creatively syncopated sounds of mass transit. Each track represents a unique view of life in a city as captured by this innovative musician.

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Release Date January 7, 2014
UPC CODE: 809827000343 - Suggested Retail Price $9.99

Album Track Listing:

Track 01 - Goodnight Boston (1:42)
Track 02 - Metro 2 (4:58)
Track 03 - La Dolce Vida (Playground Mix) (4:45)
Track 04 - Aereo Light (4:49)
Track 05 - Aria Metro (4:10)

Track 06 - Concrete Sunrise (3:56)
Track 07 - Most Beautiful Chill (5:42)

Track 08 - Midnight Phone Call (2:52)

Track 09 - I Wanna Be (3:43)

Track 10 - Cubed (3:58)

Track 11 - Six Feet Away (3:10)

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