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Wonderbox is Boris & Beck with Monica Murphy. This is the first offering from this talented trio. The 12” vinyl contains two remixes of the song; the “Vocal Extending Mix” (9:27), and the “Punish Me Dub” (8:01).

The thing that initially struck us about Monica’s vocals, were how much she sounded like Madonna (which is a good thing). The production and song structure are good with ample breaks and texture changes. The swells and break beats are enormous and will take your breath away.

The two tracks are very similar with the most noticeable difference being the very cool haunting vocal verse, which is featured in the “Vocal Extending Mix”, is absent from the “Punish Me Dub”. The balance of the vocals are harshly produced with gritty effects that make them contrast the smooth vocal section.

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Overall the production is decent and the tracks are unique.
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