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"Feel The World Dancing" by Veteran artist Wendy Moten (Come In Out Of The Rain) is the sophomore release from New York based Vital Records. This single is born from the same album that gave us Martha Wash's "Listen To The People" last year. "Feel The World Dancing" is a hi energy gospel house record that will have everyone singing along with its memorable chorus! Wendy's vocals are an excellent choice for the record, both strong and uplifting!

The sales of this recording will support The Foundation For Small Voices, which plans to bring both awareness and funding to programs focusing on the importance of child development as a key to our global future. Such charities include "Side By Side", a NY based organization designed to cultivate leadership skills and foster social awareness; "Tomorrow's Children", a NJ based organization that provides programs and services to children with cancer; and "St. Christopher's, Inc." whose goals are to provide family reunification for foster children.

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  The 12inch contains four very different remixes, the first of which is the pure Euro sounding "Julian Marsh Power Drive Remix" (7:32) that comes in at a hyper 138 BPM. Julian pulls out the stops on this progressive European remix that is the featured mix of the set. The second remix on the A-side is the "ST-1 HiNRG Remix Radio Edit" (3:52) which provides us a 132 BPM housey radio friendly version.

The B-Side has two more great mixes, the first of which is the "Igor Len Hot Tracks Remix" (5:38) which has some really fun carefree keyboards. The last mix "MCET Shades of Soul Remix" (6:17) is the hardest of the set with its deep beets and driving bass line. Both remixes come in at 132 BPM.

Overall an excellent follow-up to last years hit record. "Feel The World Dancing" will have the world moving in no time.

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