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WOW! This is the run away soon to be released secret weapon that Arista is going to drop on the dance music world this Fall. "Same Script, Different Cast" is a power house duet that captures all of the high drama and energy that these two huge divas can bring to the same record.

Undoubtedly Whitney's voice is the dominant one on the track. In some places, Deborah's voice is very hard to pick out from all the background moans. Would you expect anything less? But both women pull out all the stops!

The song writing is spectacular! Not only is the melody a perfect fit for these two talented divas, but the lyrics are superb- not something you hear in the dance music world every day! The song's premise is based on two women who have been played by the same man and the result is this frenetically intense song.

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This one will be HUGE! It has all of the production quality you'd expect combined with the vocal talents of Whitney and Deborah and the incredible song- all wrapped into one. They don't make them like this everyday. A must for your dance floor- don't look back!


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