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4 out of 5 (by HM)
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Victoria Wilson Jones is no newcomer to the scene. You may remember her featured role on Soul II Soul's hit record "A Dream's A Dream". She's also had a Top 5 Billboard hit with "Through". This time she's teamed up with people at Arriba Records for her latest single, "Fandango".

We start out with the "Baby Doc Remix" which is a snappy trip to euro house land and back. The driving beats and ethereal vocals (if you can find them) create the mood of an opium den. Don't get me wrong - the track has a great groove, but the effect is somewhat disjointed. This is truly an underground record.

The B side brings us the "Mr. C. Remix" which is more centered and should be the featured mix. The vocals are good, and the song is revealed after the intro. The hook is a cheeky soulful belt combined with a cool synth bass line. The effect is a cool driving song with some underground alter ego.

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