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Return to Music Page Victor Calderone - E=MC2 (CD Mix Album)  E=MC2 is Victor Calderone’s first full length CD compilation that blends the more commercially appealing aspects of dance music with Calderone’s deep tribal underground house. The result is a terrific combination of artists skillfully manipulated by Calderone that showcases his DJing ability.

The album opens with the Calderone dub version of Garbage’s “Push It” then flawlessly launches into the very appealing Johnny Vicious mix of Veronica’s “Someone To Hold”. Dan Q’s “Aura Tribe” as remixed by Club 69 serves as a bridge to Deborah Cox’s “It’s Over Now” Hex Hector Dub. Robbie Rivera’s “Feel This” gets things pumping for Kim English’s “Unspeakable Joy” as remixed by Razor N Guido. Andrea Martin’s “Share The Love, Giacomo’s “Theme From Love” (Hex Hector Mix), The Collaboration’s “Do It Properly”, Hyperdelics “Are You Ready” Tribal mix, Madonna’s “Sky Fits Heaven” Calderone Future Mix all continue and add to the deep driving talents of Calderone. The last track, Peter Heller’s “Big Love” (which brought in the Best 12” Underground Dance Record at the 2000 WMC) ends the set in a jazzy body & soul note that clears the listener’s pallet.

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Of course the CD is best appreciated by listening to it from beginning to end so that you can capture the morphing and audio manipulating Calderone has mastered. With Victor at the tables of these incredible mixes, a happy medium is achieved between underground and commercial house. Now everyone can have Calderone spin at their parties, the only downside is you already know what’s coming.

E=MC2 will bring the best of that Calderone New York underground sound to all musically challenged back woods towns that will never see the light of Calderone mixing live.


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