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One of our favorite club divas is back at it again! Bringing us re-vamped versions of “Never In a Million Years” look for the steaming Vicki Shepard in a red-hot 2-part interview in March. This CD single doesn’t disappoint! All of the mixes are extremely well structured and danceable! Track #1 brings us the pumpin’ NRGized Mix and its a DJ’s dream! Sure to pack your floor from the first note, this track is hotter than South Beach in the middle of July! Vicki’s vocals soar to deliver a tight, rounded portion of Euro-dance complete with this feeling of POWER! It’s so easy to see why this mix is the NRGized Mix – pure raw, pulsating beats that will have your entire floor reaching for the stars. An outright feel good anthem.

The MajiMix is this great funk trance tune that will flow gracefully from your speakers. It’s this type of track that allows listeners to get an idea of an artist’s voice – and Vicki delivers her goods profoundly – the girl is legit!

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Using lots of synth sounds, versus tons of drums tracks, offers this mix a fun, tranquil feeling. Sounding a bit Aqua-esque (which I love), the Ibiza mix might just work well mixed in with some Alice DJ. Where the heck is Ibiza anyway? Seems everyone is going to Ibiza these days (just kidding). The Club Euro Mix at only 4:36 is fresh and should become a staple for any serious club DJ. The Heartland Mix is by far my favorite. I’m not the biggest fan of dub’s but this mix kicks ass. Vicki’s sparse vocal snippets are PUMPED up creating this furor in your brain that makes you want to dance! This remix is superbly mastered the correct the correct way, climbing and building off a drum track and introducing all sorts of various sounds to create this thick clubby sound. Super-duper heavy on keyboards, laden with all sorts of techno sounds this mix should be used for more than just filler during intro’s and outro’s. Tracks 6 and 7 are both edits that would fare will in any DJ mix with snagging bass that should be workable with anyone on the tables.

Overall, if you’re a true lover of Euro dance these mixes are for you! Vicki’s powerful voice is just the icing on the cake.  Never mind the receipt, it’s safe to make this one an open box purchase.

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Never In a Million Years is available on Majik Music out of the UK.


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