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Brilliant!  Vicki returns to the dance floor with “All I Ask of You 2000” a Broadway tune that is sure to smolder on the dance floors for months to come. Currently charting at #5 on DMA (Dance Music Authority) with the single peaking at #2 last month, it’s great to see this diva getting the attention she rightly deserves.

All 10 tracks off this CD single are definitely worth your time and attention. Track #1 the “Haarmeyer Radio Mix” (3:58) is a classic 4/4 track that for a Radio Mix does a great job of covering all of Ms. Shepard’s vocals while masterfully including enough beats to constitute a short version. The “Majic Radio Edit” (3:59) has this hypnotic vocal and the Majic boys successfully incorporate this cool underlying symphony sound, which adds to the creative mix of this track. If you listen closely, you will hear distinct samples of what sounds like the original strain from the musical. The “Cyrus and the Joker Radio Mix” (3:13) features a near a capella intro with this steady beat that serves as a great precursor for the heavy beats that follow!

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The “Haarmeyer Anthem Mix” 10:52 (#4) is by far my favorite for a lot of reasons. The mix intro is incredibly long (at least 3 minutes) giving DJ’s a ton of time to play with sampling. I like the way that the mix slowly morphs from just a beat, incorporating small samples of Vicki’s voice long before verse one even starts! It just builds and builds, just the way dance music should be done. The bass line is strongly unique, but mixes nicely with the snappy, upbeat synth sounds. The mix ends with this long, relaxing, trance-like drum that will make this mix a snap to mix. This mix is strongly recommended for anyone who needs to dance!

Now here’s a switch. Anyone’s who’s been reading my rants for any length of time knows that I don’t like dubs because I don’t really think they serve any great purpose, but I can change my mind, can’t I? “Matt’s Anthem Dub” 9:32 (#5) does a good job of getting my foot tapping, which, for having very few vocals is saying something. The mix incorporates many key changes, including a couple of wicked breakdowns, perfect for extending any of the original vocal mixes.  Great job, Matt!

Track #7 “Cyrus and the Joker’s Remix” (6:19) is very interesting. The track starts out with this pounding drum that sounds like someone pounding on your front door, very cool sound and sets a nice precedent for what’s to come. Vicki’s vocals sound like she’s being submerged under water which with a little panning action on your mixer would create a super elaborate vocal track – the mix continues with this a straight bass line that stuck in my head forever combined with this snappy kick drum that screams of a interesting hybrid of Hi-NRG and Trance.

Track #8 “Majic UK Phantom Remix” (8:03) takes an already proven formula and runs with it!  The lead intro is very, very Pet Shop Boys sounding – uniquely blending their keyboards with the original version from the Broadway tune – using lots and lots of synth sounds, the mixer is able to create a very full, rich sounding production full of bliss.

Track #9 “Majic Dub” (8:03) and track #10 “Original 1991 Extended Mix” (7:35) round out the set.

All of the mixes are hard-hitting and sure to send your crowd into a dance-induced craze. Let’s hope this single makes it to #1, it deserves it.

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