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Verve Remixed - CD Album

Verve Remixed is an eclectic collection of Jazz infused songs that have been electronically tweaked for a new audience. Featuring such heavy hitters as Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan (amongst others), Verve Remixed is almost a historical retrospective on some of the biggest jazz artists of all time. But it doesn't stop there. Combine these classic original vocal tracks with remixers like MC Cole, Masters At Work, Thievery Corporation, UFO, Richard Dorfmeister, amongst other top names in the dance music world, and you clearly have a one of a kind winner.

Taking over three years to create, Verve Remixed represents some of the best highlights of the Verve catalogue, all reimagined and remixed. Each of the 12 tracks tells it's own story, and is uniquely reinvented. It wouldn't be fair to point out any specific album highlights since each song brings a unique perspective to the project. I think it's great when old classics like these are revisited and given a new lease on life!

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Note that there are no huge house anthems here. This album was not intended to be a top of the night remix compilation by the DJ of the moment. Instead, Verve Remixed, offers a much more contemplative look into Jazz, with a chill out electronica twist. The entire album exudes a feel good vibe and is certainly a noteworthy addition to anyone's cd collection.
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