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Ultra Nate has stirred it up over the years with hits like "Found A Cure", "New Kind of Medicine", "Party Girl", "Free", and "If You Could Read My Mind" from the movie Studio 54. Now she's back with her debut full length entitled "Stranger Than Fiction" available on the Strictly Rhythm label out of New York. The first single "Desire" has already circulated about the club circuit early last year with remixes by the mega remix due Thunderpuss as well as Joey Negro.

"Stranger Than Fiction" is not your typical full on dance album. It is comprised of a mixture between R&B ballads and up tempoed house tracks with an acoustic live performance feel. After recently seeing Ultra perform many songs from this
set live in New York, one can see why Ultra opted to create an album of spontaneous songs rather than a collection of remixes.
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DJ's step aside, "Stranger Than Fiction" is an artists album first where Ultra Nate co-wrote all of the tracks. In a time when the art of song craft has given way to DJ sets, Ultra presents us with well constructed and memorable songs rather than DJ remixes, which is a nice change of pace. The rock induced "Love Is Stranger Than Fiction" and "Ain't Looking For Nothing" provide for a nice introduction into the set and are followed up by the more danceable "Get It Up", "Desire", "Dear John", and "Pretender". One of the most promising tracks is the Crystal Waters sounding "Breakfast for Two" which has all the makings of a huge club hit. A total of 13 tracks are presented in varying styles which allow Ultra to explore new material in new ways.

Overall a labor of love for those people who contributed to the project and it shows. I would have preferred a slightly more dance infused product, but the CD doesn't disappoint. One can only assume that many club releases will follow with extended remixes to satisfy the DJs in us. Ultra is an artist's artist and her personality really shines through on "Stranger Than Fiction".

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