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Return to Music Page Barry Harris & Chris Cox Presents: Thunderpuss  Hit making remix/production team Thunderpuss release their first continuously-mixed CD on Tommy Boy on March 19th. Titled, Barry Harris & Chris Cox Present Thunderpuss is a pulsating 15-song collection that includes a little something for everyone. Gleaned from unreleased remixes and some new solo/collaborative productions, the mix showcases rhythms, driving bass and anthematic vocals that are the trademarks of Thunderpuss. Bursting big onto the scene in '99 - the duo quickly set the bar high with the now famous "It's Not Right, But It's Okay" and have stayed at the top since.

Track #1 - Madonna-"Don't Tell Me” (Thunderpuss Mix) features heavy hitting beats, with just a pinch of Madonna's vocals mixed in; Track #2 is a cover of the classic cut "We Are Family" by We Are Family/All Stars and first made popular by Sly and the Family Stone - the Thunderpuss recipe is evident here, loads of sounds mixed in to create a super alive and energetic mix! Track # 3 “Can't Fight The Moonlight” which is just hitting Top 40 radio now, but was remixed by Thunderpuss and made it on the "Coyote Ugly" soundtrack. The intro on this cut will mix with almost anything.

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Track #4 glides right into Suzanne Palmer's “Hide U” (Thunderpuss Tribapella), which beat Kosheen to the punch. In at #5, Enrique Iglesias' - “Hero” (Thunderpuss Mix) is a real party starter and super fast. The demo mix of Thunderpuss feat. Thea Austin “First Class Freak” which is holding steady on the record pool charts makes a scene as a previously unreleased remix at Track #6.

Track #7, a collaboration between Club 69's master Peter Rauhofer and the Pet Shop Boys results in “Break 4 Love” (Friburn & Urik Mix). New York Diva Kim English comes in at Track #8 “Everyday” (Hex Hector & Mac Quayle Mix) - with Hex giving this track his classic house sound. Up next is #9 Barry Harris feat. Pepper Mashay “I Got My Pride” (Original Mix) featured on all the hot HBO shows (Queer as Folk, Sex & The City) and loads of gay pride marches. May favorite, in at #10. Pusaka Presents Thea Austin “I'm Addicted” (Original Mix) this mix has plenty of sass to go around and then has some left over! Track #11 features Rosabel with Broadway Diva Jennifer Holiday “And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going” (Attitude Mix) from Dreamgirls, this cover caused some critics to lambast the single, but of the mixes, the Thunderpuss Mix was the strongest, Ms. Holiday's vocals don't hurt, but does she have to scream so much. Latanza Waters “Stand Up” (Original Mix) shows up at Track #12, and Kristine W's "Clubland" checks at #13. Of course, Barry N Pepper “Dive In The Pool” (Wayne G's Circuit Anthem Mix) have to make a splash in at #14. Somehow, pop princess Britney Spears “Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know” (Thunderpuss Mix) makes an appearance for good measure at Track #15.
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