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Thunderpuss' "Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag" marks a first for the Thunderpuss team of Barry Harris and Chris Cox, it's their debut release as an artist rather than a remix team! Anyone who's been around dance music for any amount of time will know the tremendous number of synth pounding remixes these boys have turned out over the years for THE biggest names in the business (Whitney Houston, Madonna)! Now it's all about a new production from the ground up with a remake of the classic hit "Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag" out on Tommy Boy Silver. The CD maxi contains 5 different mixes, all providing slightly different song structure but a very similar message. The set starts with a "radio edit" (3:33) which captures the simplistic song at its core. Track #2 "Harris + Cox mix" (9:52) gives us a slightly more underground sound while track #3 "Thunderpuss club mix" (9:17) is the big club track payoff. Track #4 is remixed by DJ Paulo and comes in at 6:28, while the last track has been created for the mixshow jocks (6:35). Overall the production is classic Thunderpuss and full of energetic drama. The boys have mastered the art of the breakdown and created a hit with for Papa!
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