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Hot off of the MGM motion picture soundtrack "Flawless" this set of remixes is produced by Pete Lorimer and Taylor Dayne. The 12" vinyl consists of three varying remixes. The first is the "Friburn & Urik Vocal Mix" (11:29) which starts off with a huge intro of a strong pulsing bass. Percussion is slowly introduced as the track continues to build. Thick keyboards and vocal high vocal stabs turn the track almost aggressive and  trance-like before breaking into Taylor's vocals which take the track into the stratosphere. The track is packed with thick sounds but the breaks add nice contrast. The vocals are unmistakably Taylors' and the hook is memorable. The Outro is slightly short for a track at 11:29 in length.

The second side brings us two more remixes, the first being the "Original Vocal Mix" (7:13). This track jumps right into house heaven and provides for a clean intro for ease of mixing. For a "white girl" this woman has amazing range that lifts the track into the air. This is the feel good Friday night track of the set.

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The second track offered up on the B side is "The Really Stereo Experience Dub" (7:29). This dub track comes to us via "Really Stereo" who are Lange G & Rick Phifer and has a very strong groove with occasional vocal hits. The effect is something entirely new where Taylor's melodic vocals don't kick in until half way through it, but then resort back to the stabs. This puts the track above the average faceless dub and give it Taylor's identity. Good move.
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