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NAJM Music Taylor Dayne Live in Fort Lauderdale!  Memorial Day traditionally signals the beginning of summer and usually is the launch pad for dance artists to start working the clubs. The Coliseum in Fort Lauderdale (See Review) is no exception. NAJM caught 80’s phenomenon Taylor Dayne in action on Saturday.

Ms. Dayne’s backup dancers made their entrance to the stage and got the crowd all worked up, but still no Taylor. In grandiose fashion, she finally entered from the left, mic in hand and ready to go. Her first song, “Planet Love”, from the soundtrack of “Flawless”, had the crowd going absolutely crazy and singing at the top of their lungs. It’s no wonder that the crowd knew the song so well, it went to #1 on the Billboard as well as the NAJM Dance Charts.

Ms Dayne really knows how to work a crowd, reaching out to shake hands, winking and just getting the blood pumping. Interestingly she started off the evening by telling us she had injured herself and pointed to her right hip, but this did not serve to hamper her energetic performance.

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She followed with “Unstoppable” off of her new album, “Naked without You”. Although this isn’t one of our favorite tracks, it gave us time to really admire her voice, which is very exacting, which is something lacking in many of today’s singers! “

“Naked Without You” followed – working the crowd up even more. Ironic that Barry Harris (of Thunderpuss) was the DJ spinning that night. Barry is one-half of the remix team that helped catapult this single to #1 as well on the Billboard. Halfway through the song, the pre-recorded track started messing up, causing lots of distortion and eventually dying all together. Ms. Dayne was obviously irritated that there was a problem with sound and began gesturing to her soundman to correct it. Luckily, the backup dancers knew their position and kept dancing and singing even though there was no music. At one point, apparently giving up showmanship and having fun, Taylor flipped her sound engineer the bird.

By now the crowd was absolutely soaked and roaring for more. They were having fun and so was Taylor. Her dancers had streams of sweat trickling down their faces and so did I. Taylor wandered over to the sound guy to give him a hard time but apparently the problem had been taken care of – hearing this – she asked, “want more” fast or slow? The crowd responded fast, of course. You could just hear the simplistic beats of “Tell It To My Heart” starting as the crowd went wild once more. “Tell It To My Heart” is one of her first hits of the 80’s, and the track brought back a lot of memories to remind us that Ms Dayne has been with us through the years. She performed it as if it were her first time.

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Taylor takes the stage in Fort Lauderdale!

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Check out NAJM's Review of "Planet Love"

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