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In a time of world unrest it's nice when you come across a release that's full of tradition and soul. TKA's new release entitled "TKA Forever" is just that, a comfortable look back to when things were simpler. TKA is the all male Freestyle group that defined a musical era of the 1980's. With a tremendous track record including six Billboard hits including "Maria", "Louder Than Love", and "Come Get My Love", TKA have reunited ten years later to revisit their common musical roots with a completely updated sound! However this time the guys go way beyond the freestyle that defined them as a group a decade ago and cover a much wider range of pop-infused songs.

Available on the New York based Tommy Boy Records, "TKA Forever" covers material from the pure dance four on the floor "Feel The Music" to the funky "Better Than The Rest" all the way to the sassy Latin infused "U Don't Feel It". Track #8, "Move Out The Way" would be perfectly at home at any body and soul club night! TKA even covers more than just a few introspective ballads in the process.

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The first single off of the album is the dance hit "Feel The Music" which features a production by KC Fairlight; John Kano (who's production credits include Crystal Waters, Duane Harden, and Ice T), Mike Cerbo, and Eddie Ganz. The result is a free flowing filtered house groove complete with a catchy guitar riff and TKA's trademark vocals. Watch out Miami- there's also a Spanish version of "Feel The Music" on the album!

With a total of thirteen tracks, the album's production is first rate, and the songs are quite memorable. These guys really come together as though they never stopped making music. Listen up all you boy bands out there- have a listen to this album to hear where you should aspire to take your career in ten years!

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