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DMA Magazine - Dean Furguson (HiNRG/Eurobeat) May 2001 Domestic single-of-the-month honors go to a former UK import called "Bee Sting Smile" by Sugarglider on the cleverly acronym'd NAJM (No Attitude, Just Music) label. The Sugarglider debut is one of those rare singles that manages to cover most every trendy club base without even trying. Lead singer Barbie Thomas' vocals are sensual and inviting, and the production has the kind of instant accessibility that club spinners and dance radio programmers dream about at night. The circuit/NRG Party boys should head right for the D-Bop mix while the big room boys aim for the Sunscreem turn. Either way, you're in for a wild ride. Put the Sugarglider single at the absolute top of this month's 'must-have' list!

DJ Julian Marsh
"Nice Tune. I expect it will catch on an be a big summer hit"
DJ Opinion 8 of 10 with D-Bop as favorite mix

NAJM Dance Culture
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DMA Magazine ****1/2
This release has the rare distinction of being a double debut. Not only is it the first US release for the UK-based Sugarglider (Barbie Thomas, Steve Mortimer, and Phil Wyard), but it is also the debut release from the NAJM label. With six tracks (three of which were licensed from ADSR Records in the UK), the CD maxi single offers two radio edits and four extended versions. While the Sugarglider Original Vocal Mix (6:27) is a progressive vocal house cut that easily stands on its own merits, my pick is the anthemic Sunscreem Tranced Out Eclipse Mix (10:00). The track’s layered ethereal sounds and hypnotic female vocals evidence Sunscreem’s crisp influence, and the result is a remix that rivals the quality of Sunscreem’s chart-topping original productions. The D-Bop Beam Me Up Mix (7:39) is a strong vocal euro-house version with progressive flair, while the NAJM Underground House Dub (6:35) offers a clever synth-driven US underground sound that also has considerable prime time appeal. In all, this release shows great promise. Scott Huffman

DJ Times
From across the big pond has come another club track that has great crossover potential. Bee Sting Smile is the first major US release for NAJM Records (No Attitude Just Music). Sugarglider is a pop trio that has a great deal of energy that reflects in their music. The 12” single features the strongest three mixes while the CD Single runs a whole range of choices. Rolling through mixes like “Sugarglider Original Mix” and “D-Bop Beam Me Up Mix” the 12” single is a great example of a combination of Euro house and US Underground hard at work. But the stand out cut by far is the “Sunscreem Tranced Out Eclipse Mix”. Pounding the point home for the whole 10:00 this track has all the flavor of some of Sunscreems original hits like “Love U More”. Making its mark in a fashionable way Sugarglider should prove to be a strong player in the house market in 2001!
Michael J. Taylor- (5 out of 5 stars)

Billboard Magazine
In need of a Shirley Manson-style vocal fix? Well, look no further than the Sugarglider's "Bee Sting Smile." [Sugarglider] is a cross between [the group] Garbage and Sunscreem. In fact, Sunscreem makes a splashy appearance via its euphoric Tranced Out Eclipse mix! Michael Paoletta - Dance Trax Hot Plate

DJ Times & Mixer Magazines
Instantly infectious commercial houser that delivers an engaging rhythm  track and catchy euro styled vocals. With elements of progressive house, deep house and a hint of trance Bee Sting could be a sleeper especially the epic Sunscreem mix. Long synth-driven breaks and an electro deep bass highlight this mix, while the haunting vocals give this cut much character. This mix along with the housey Original should give this single a long turntable life. Phil Turnipseed

Oscar Poche - Syndicated Writer
Recommended Pic: Sugarglider “Bee Sting Smile”. Already bubbling on the turntables, this single marks an impressive set and remix from Sunscreem. The catchy tune written by Mortimer, Thomas, and Wyard settles in at 136 BPM. Energy for the masses.

Flamingo Record Pool Chart TOP TEN - Miami, Florida February 17th, 2001 Two Weeks at #9!

Dixie Dance Kings - #1 Added Record (March 28, 2001)

B.A.D.D.A (Bay Area Dance DJ Association)
Chosen Pick: #2. Sugarglider Bee Sting Smile NAJM

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Streaming Real Audio Samples

Sunscreem Tranced Out Eclipse Mix 129 BPM
Original Vocal Mix 131 BPM
D-Bop Beam Me Up Mix 136 BPM
NAJM Underground House Dub 130 BPM (Available on Maxi CD Only)
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