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Sugar babies are no stranger to the music scene. Comprised of Muriel Fowler, Darrell Martin and Bill Brown they originally hit on the Billboard charts with "Encore (Ooh Ooh Yeah Yeah), which ultimately landed at #10. One year, Sugar babies have released their follow-up single, "Forgive & Forget You" also on Tommy Boy Silver Label.

Track #1 "Classic Radio Edit" (4:06) - The vocals are very reminiscent of a church choir, not surprising since the lead grew up singing in a choir. The vocal track is pleasing to the ear with an air of freshness and comes off very smooth. Track #2 "Razor 'n Guido Radio Edit" (4:07) is a pumped up energized version that closely follows the original vocal track on the Classic Edit. RNG have done a good job at restructuring the beats to create an extremely thick music track, while maintaining the originality of the vocals.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) If you like loads of bass that stays with you all night, then Track #3 "Sugar + Spice Radio Edit" (3:45) is your pick. S&S use the combination of bass and vocal effects to combine a truly new mix. Although only a radio edit, this cut is ready for those mainstream radio stations that only delve into minimal dance after the working crowd goes home. Track #4 "Original Classic Club Mix" (8:11) is an extended version of Track #1. The standout effects on this track are the string effects under the bass line. Lisa Stansfield used this effect in her early stuff and it worked well for her then.

Track #5 "Razor 'n Guido Club Mix" (8:45) This track has big commercial appeal with its huge array of beats and breaks, and is my favorite of the mixes. R&G lend their classic touch to bring us a bubbling bucket of mini crescendos, choral swells with nice progressions that create a niche all its own. There are so many breaks in this cut that to not mix in other tracks would be a crime. Track #6 "Razor 'n Guido dub" (7:20) is a repeat of Track #5. Overall, this mix has enough vocals to sustain me, but just barely. It will, however, lay nicely over just about any other vocal mix out there.

Track #7 "Sugar + Spice Club Mix" (7:46) gives us a more mainstream track that will crossover well to the Saturday night dance floor. S&S pump up the tempo on this one, adding plenty of retro, meaty bass lines, disco'y sounding retro loops with a good measure of vocoders thrown in. This one will have your floor swamped.

Sugar babies covers a good range of different types of music on their latest track including; Soul, House, and Break beat. This is a "gotta have" if you like vocal heavy tracks.
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