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NAJM Music Strictly Rhythm at Barroom

This was Strictly Rhythm's 11th Year Anniversary event in association with Tommy Hilfiger on Monday March 27th at the Barroom Club located on Lincoln Road in South Beach. The DJ's du jour were Roger Sanchez, Little Louie Vega, and Lenny Fontana.

Return to Dance Culture Home Page The emcee for the evening was none other than Barbra Tucker who kicked off the night promptly at 1am. The first to perform was Michael Moog who performed his new single with several dancers on stage. Next to take the stage was Duane Harden who performed his new single "When I Dance With You". The song would be ok if it didn't repeat an otherwise forgetful chorus a nauseatingly 100 times! Sorry, but it needed to be said!
Ultra Nate took the stage next in her red leather outfit and performed her new classic "Desire" which will serve to put this woman on the charts once again. Last but not least was emcee Barbra Tucker who stormed the stage with her new single "Stop Playing With My Mind"!
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"Stop Playing With My Mind" is a relationship based song from a woman's viewpoint that alludes to her boyfriend "playing around" with other guys! She demands that her lover make up his mind and stop playing with hers! The song is very memorable and has massive hit potential, and Barbra's delivery was excellent! 'Stop Playing With My Mind" is already appearing on many European dance charts.
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Barbra Tucker

Ultra Nate

Duane Harden



Michael Moog

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Overall the evening was quite enjoyable, but really crowded. The Barroom Club was at capacity by 2 am. But seeing a lineup like that isn't an everyday event, so it's easy to see the popularity of the turnout. We did see superstar Michelle Crispin and Thunderpuss's Chris Cox milling about the evening. Incidentally the event was not "free" to WMC badge holders.

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