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Majic Music is a label that has had success with their first 2 releases, including Baccara and Vicki Shepard. Their latest release “Oh L’Amour”, Spellbound featuring Deeje should be no exception. The release is a compilation of previously released tracks that have been made from pop songs into dance mixes. For this release the Majic guys have dug back into the archives of the 80’s and 90’s. The first track of the release is the Crazy Dance Mix of “No More I Love You’s” originally done by Annie Lennox a few years back. Annie scored a big hit on mainstream radio, and this time Spellbound puts their twist on it. This tune uses all the right moves, keeping enough of the original track to make it radio and club friendly, but enough of their own material to create a hearty serving of Euro House. Deejes’ vocals are, simply put, eerily reminiscent of Annie Lennox, how’d they do that?

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“Moody Dance Mix” is a cover of Alison Moyet’s “This House” previously with the hugely popular 80’s group Yaz. Alison recorded this track as a solo artist and if you liked it then, you’ll like the updated Spellbound track. This track is so soulful it’s almost heart breaking! Laced with dynamic rhythms, melodies, and rolling punches of beats, this mix is extremely powerful and seductive.

“Wild Dance Mix” of Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration” shows ability to take pop songs and turn them into wild, viable dance floor hits. The original song can’t possibly compare to this mix, so I won’t even try to make a parallel. This is a classy, super dreamy adventure into Euro House, with a smattering of Hi-NRG thrown in for good measure! I can easily see this mix becoming a drag classic.

The final track is the standout mix on this project. “Oh L’Amour is an over-the-top fantastic version of the Erasure tune. It’s amazing how much Deeje’ sounds like Jimmy Somerville. This mix features a 3:59 intro (which translates to the Original Ballad Mix) but after that takes off and doesn’t look back. Love the background vocals, which sound very “New Orderesque” in the very beginning of the song. The mix is extremely well arranged and is radio, club and tea dance friendly. I guess you can’t ask for anything more than that now can you?

An original track written by Mike Coppock showcases awesome talent and gives even more credence to the label and rounds out the project.

If Euro/Hi-NRG is your thing, this EP is a definite must for your collection. Many could transcend into anthems! It’s easy to see why Majic is making their mark with their style of Euro House. Refined and very recommended!

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Oh L'Amour is available on Majik Music out of the UK.


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