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Yes, we all know them. The "pimps" ruled the floors a couple of years back with tunes like "Spin, Spin Sugar" and "Six Underground". Inspired by, and perhaps pioneers of ultra-cool "trip-hop" the pimps made a name of themselves right out of the gate. Trip-hop took flight, and the rest is history.

"Sick" is the first single off the just released "Pimps" album, "Bloodsport" issued on US based Tommy Boy Records. The album, a throwback to the bands founding line-up was primarily written and produced by the band themselves.

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Track #1 (Album Version - 3:43) illustrates that although the Pimps might have been away from the scene for awhile, their method for success hasn't changed. Ambient atmosphere mixed with trip-hop is the best way to describe this version. Track #2 (Dom T Remix - 3:59) If your speakers or you like lots of bass, this mix is for you - the bassline jumps right in and stays with you the rest of the song. The pulsing rhythm of the other percussion creates a chilling, moody vibe.

Fans of older material will find that the new single and album are not that much of a radical departure from their earlier days. Off the scene for a couple of years, the Pimps are right back where they belong - out in front and going on tour. Reports say that the band may play both a US & European tour starting in March! Watch for more information.

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