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This well respected artist needs no introduction. Her newest release is her cover of "Here Comes The Rain Again" originally written and performed by the Eurythmics. It is Sheryl Lee's first single of several more anticipated releases over the next year.

NAJM Dance Culture Included are a total of 6 tracks. The first two are radio friendly versions (Main Radio Mix & Solar City Radio Mix) of later tracks. Track 3 (Main 12" Mix) is the massive tribal sounding club version and comes in at over 10 minutes long! It has a huge into and Outro and is perfect for mixing. The only aspect of this particular track that I didn't like was the use of some dated Star Wars sounding bleeps (personal opinion only). Ms. Ralph's vocals are both clean and powerful throughout.
The cd really delivers on track 4 (Solar City Club Mix) where tribal meets hi energy Euro meets techno, to produce a wonderful mix that will certainly prove itself worthy of the best club play. Next is the "Sunshine Dub" track. Typically I'm not into dub tracks, but this one really got me moving with its earthy deep beats. Great job!
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Need RealAudio Player? Click here...Download Free Real Audio Player And finally track #6 is an instrumental version of track #3 which is perfect for mixing with the vocal tracks to extend the set.

It is apparent that Ms. Ralph is very comfortable at home in the dance music community. As a recording artist, Sheryl Lee has already had great international success with her previous dance singles "Evolution" and "In The Evening," the later spent over 6 months on international dance charts.

Ms. Ralph is planning to release her debut solo album next summer from Trax Recording. She is also planning a nation-wide club tour. NAJM will let you know when a tour schedule has been decided.


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