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This woman has that HUGE house vocal sound that we all crave! She's going to give Martha a run for her money! This track has been redone by Ms. Christopher for the Millennium and she certainly has breathed new life into the song. With so many great remixes in so many flavors, how can one go wrong with this one.

Track one is the "E-Smooth Vocal Stomp" (6:45) and it serves up a classic house with a touch of funk remix. Track #2 "Graham Gold Remix" (6:45) will blow you mind. It is truly our favorite track of the entire set! It's basically an aggressive Hi NRG house track that stirs you into a frenzy! Track #3 "David Morales Classic Mix" is the most original sounding of the set that only David could bring to it. Track #4 "DnB in Dubb" (5:10) is borderline tribal dub and is perfect for extending your mix. Track #5 "Sharp Razor Mix" (6:57) is another dub and is perfect for introducing the song into a larger set. In addition to these mixes, a double 12" Vinyl set is available and in addition to above includes three additional tracks.

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The additional mixes available on vinyl are: "Jackson & His Computer Band Mix" (6:06) which is a retro-styled disco / funk vocal dub, the "DnB Classic Vocal Mix" (6:49) which is a great house remix with additional keyboards, and finally the "DnB Wired as Funk" (6:39), which has additional male vocals on top and is slightly faster and more techno sounding over the "Classic Funk mix".

DJPJ has already added this track to our "Future Picks - Tracks to Watch!"


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