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If you’re looking for that hot Latin remix to spice up your dance floor, this is it. Taken from the compilation “It’s Mambo Time”,  “Sway” is a remake of a hit from years gone by (50’s) that has been remixed and remodeled for today’s club play.

There are four tracks to choose from. The “Extended Club Remix” (6:16) is basically just an extended version of the original remix. The “Radio Mix” (3:27) is the condensed version of the same track, shortened for radio airplay.

The fun starts to happen with the B Side Remixes. “Johan S Toxic Club Mix” (6:04) is the first track offered up on this side. It is a dark sounding faster track with a great intro that builds the tension. The “Skeewiff Salsa Splash” (5:42) mix is our favorite of the bunch. A wonderfully cool retro sounding remix, (and we don’t mean 70’s), this 60’s sounding James Bond inspired mix is complete with classic electric guitars and string swells right out of Ricky Ricardo’s 1960’s Cuba.

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Overall these tracks are crawling with that hot sultry sophisticated Miami sound that your clubbers will appreciate in the dead of winter.
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