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Schiller is the German production team of Christopher Von Deylen and Mirko Von Schlieffen and the album is the newly released "Zeitgeist" which loosly translates into "spirt of the people". Released on the New York based Radikal Records, Schiller's "Zeitgeist" starts off sounding a lot like the original Enigma album. German replaces the french vocals and techno inspired beats replace the Gregorian chants, but the effect is similar.

Schiller's "Zeitgeist" is not a full on dance album and is more of an cerebral instrumental collection. Things don't get pumping until track #3 with "Liebesschmerz (Lover's Pain)" which also features vocal snippets of spoken German. The album continues in this similar manner of moody instrumental breaks followed by "light" dance inspired tracks.

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The big hit of the set is the trance induced "Das Glockenspiel" which resided in the German Top 25 sales charts for three months. "Glockenspiel" became one of the most played club anthems of the year and has popped up on quite a few compilations here stateside.

The Robert Miles influenced "Korperbewegung (Body Movements)" follows and continues the familiar texture that these guys are laying down. More earthy nature sounds ensue with the meditative "Freiheit (Freedom)" which not only emulates Enigma but seemingly borrows their chord progressions as well.

Unfortunately Shiller's "Zeitgeist" is neither original nor terribly interesting. The album consistantly borrows from other artists and you beg to ask why anyone would go through the effort? All is not lost for the album is impeccably produced. If you're looking for a collection of european flavored instrumental tracks (background music or not) or if you just want to take a familiar walk down a familiar road then check this album out.

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