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This ultra hot Euro hard house ditty features the vocals of S-J and is an excellent pair of tracks featured on a 12" from London's Arriba Records who's motto is "Our Normal's not Normal!" "I Need You" is offered up on side A and is a very catchy tune indeed. S-J's vocals are reminiscent of Shirley Mann's or newcomer Amanda Ghost. The track is simple, yet the driving beats and trancy plunks get the job done well.

Side B "You Can Be" is a second song all together. Arriba has gone back to the days of packaging an artist with both an A and a B side. Although some may feel they miss out on remixes, both sides of the release are great! "You Can Be" features an amazing galloping bass line that incorporates tribal accents over the top. The effect is perfect synergy and positively a top of the night record. The vocals are secondary and float above the mix. You track DJ's will eat this one up.

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Both tracks are complimentary to each other and serve up a winning combination. Arriba records provides the set in a well designed graphic package as well. Keep on the lookout for more great releases on this UK based Label here on the NAJM site.
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