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The hot production team Rosabel, who is comprised of Ralphi Rosario and Abel Aquilera (who are incredibly successful in their own right), bring us a new heavy house updated version of the 1979 classic disco hit "Don't You Want My Love" that features the vocals of Debbie Jacobs Rock who laid down the original track. Available from the Tommy Boy Silver label, The Power is available on 12 inch featuring four excellent mixes.

Side A brings us the main room mix (Rosabel Discofied Vocal Mix - 7:27) with its smooth production featuring the familiar synth lines that will easily find its home with today's house music jocks. The second track on side A "Rosabel Discofied Vocal Dub" (6:29) is a wonderfully constructed dub that fits perfectly with the main vocal mix for some DJ flexibility.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) Side B delivers the "Rosabel Attitude Vocal Mix" (8:14) that is deeply routed in the underground with its tribal drums and punchy bass. The vocal hook has some additional vocal harmonies added that really make it stand out. Combine this with some winning breakdowns and you have a dramatic dance floor experience. The last track of the set, "Ralph's Classic Vocal Mix" (7:29), is heavy on the house piano and really features the vocals in the snappy house laden production.

Overall a great house record to add to your collection.

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