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Once heralded as Jennifer Holliday's defining moment in the Broadway musical "Dreamgirls", "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" is an anthem of determination and strength. Rosabel's new house anthem released by Tommy Boy Silver is a sure hit winner with its dramatic vocals and high-energy productions.

Track #1 "Ralphi's Classic House Radio Edit" (3:44) is a true classic house track cut down for radio length. Track #2 "Tranceuro Express Radio Edit" (3:50) follows in the same footsteps, but this time we are treated to a classic euro cheese hi-nrg treatment.

Track #3 "Rosabel Anthem Mix" (9:43) is a house/trance crossover synth driven production with plenty of house piano and vocals. Track #4 "Rosabel Attitude Mix" (10:27) is the monster club track of the set and is primed for peak hour. Track #5 "Junior Vasquez Earth Club Anthem" (9:23) is up next and serves a much lighter version with a simple arrangement and plenty of vocals.

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The last track "Raphi's Underground Vox" (7:24) is strange and the vocals become a bit annoying - perhaps this would have been better as a dub. Speaking of dubs, although I'm not fond of them, strangely enough, there are none here.


Full of drama and vocals, "And I'm Telling You…" is a fun, slightly predictable release that could have benefited from a wider array of remix styles. Overall, not a bad effort - drag queens will flock to this one!

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