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Heads up NY house fans, Mike'y D's Full Blast Records has released "When I Fall In Love" by Ronnie Taylor which is produced by Vinny Venom and Mike'y D! The "When I Fall In Love" 12-inch contains four tracks, the first of which is the Radio Edit (3:43). Track #2 "Mike'y D Club Mix" is the main mix of the set and delivers up over nine minutes of progressive vocal house beats. Side B serves up the "Venom 3 Am House Mix" (8:49) which takes the track further away from the original, yet the melody and vocals stay in tact. The effect is a bit edgier and dance floor ready with a long extended outro. The last track of the set is an A Capella (2:01) vocal track which aspiring remixers and DJs can sink their teeth into.

Overall the song is very memorable and the mixes are loaded with plenty of breaks and trance synth stabs to keep it fresh throughout. Having been produced and remixed by active DJs, helps the track deliver what DJs are looking for.

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