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Lampkin Music Group (LMG Productions) makes a huge, sexy splash with it's new single, "I Didn't Go To My Prom" by Chicago-based singer Robin Kay. Laced with a covert true story sung to dance music, Kay makes her point and makes it well. You see, Robin Kay is a Plus-Sized gal and has a high enough self-esteem to sing about it! With lyrics like, "I'm on the plus side of sexy, I'm B-I-G; Sexy ain't a size, it just in ya" Kay has no problem being just who she is, and her liner notes write that "Prom" is more therapy than anything for her.

Track #1 (CW's "Plus Side of Sexy - House Mix Radio Edit - 3:39) is a little different, a little artful - but a lot deep and soulful. Track #2 (Jon's Retro Phat Disco Mix Radio Edit - 4:36) proves that disco is more than just a passing novelty! This tune gives the disco sound a little underground credibility and a tougher flavor than the consumer approved flair. The chugging bass line on this one doesn't hurt either. Track #3 (TG's Fat & Funky R & B Radio Edit - 3:36) offers up a R&B ditty which features very little music and a lot of Kay a capella. Track #4 (CW's Plus Side of Sexy BIG Length - 6:54) ooh, this one has a sassy bassline and takes a filtered funk route.
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Track #5 (CW's Euro-Nasty Mix - 7:43) is the tune that I prefer. Classic euro sound infused with electro-digi licks really got me fired up! Tons of effects from chorus plug-ins, to a raw, relentless bass line make for a great update to the euro sound! A peak hour floor burner, this mix kept me going and going. Finally, track #5 (TG's Fat and Funky R & B Mix, The Whole Story - 4:39) is a street sounding cut which will serve the hip-hop community refreshingly well.

Start to finish - LMG Music Group gives us a wide spectrum of mixes from Hip-Hop to Disco to Classic Euro. Each mix has their merits, most all positive. Kay does a nice job of conveying that she's have a great time doing her thing, and doesn't care what anyone thinks about it. After all her work, I sure as hell hope she finally made it to her prom!
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