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Return to Music Page Robin Fox - I See Stars (CD Remixes)  Since "I See Stars" broke on Power 96 this summer, it has consistently ranked as one of my favorite songs and has quickly become the "trance anthem" of the season, which has become the current hot trend in mainstream dance radio and clubs! "I See Stars" with its ethereal vocals, has much, much, more personality than anything that's been released lately. More encouraging are the rave reviews from club DJs and clubbers alike.

The "Radio Mix" (3:54) has become the staple that most stations are spinning in their morning and evening mix shows. This mix is a high-end, ultra trancey tune with Robin's groovy, seductive vocals gliding over Ford's heavy, chunky house beats. The end result is a song that showcases both the artists and producers talents alike. This duo is definitely working as a team. This mix with it's heavy sounds similar to those of Alice DJ and Sonique, is definitely making the coveted crossover from the dance genre to the pop arena as many pop oriented radio stations have begun spinning the track.

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The "Afterlife Mix" (3:54) relies on heavy overlays of pure magic - most notably with it's pure melodic and haunting hook. This mix has a great mix of techno beats with the soft underlying symphonic sounds. A feeling of peace and calmness comes over you as you tune in and tune out of this mix.

Freestyle and Break Beat are styles of dance I've never cared much for - but very big on the South Beach/South Florida scene. To me both styles tend to be rather choppy, light on beats, dated and at times for some artists, doesn't lend itself well to their vocals. That's not the case with the "Freestyle Mix" (3:54) or the "Break Beat Mix (3:54). The production on both of these mixes does a great job of simply re-working the artist's vocals while successfully accomplishing the main task of using the classic break beat bass lines, but with a much lighter fare. The Italian NRG Mix (7:59) strikes massive gold! This mix is a rousing conglomeration of trance, house and Euro, what a stellar combination! This mix goes more underground with phat beats and single notes. It features slices of vocals that lead to a mini breakdown and goes directly into the main vocal before climbing straight back up into a fierce, dance frenzy. This track kicks up a storm, both on and off the dance floor!

The "Extended Club Mix" (7:15) is extremely blinding and fast, and the standout mix on this CD. Of all the mixes; this track is by far my favorite. Producer Ford has integrated all my favorite elements into this one. Long intro, strong Euro house beats and infectious keyboards with a breakdown smack in the middle that will put all of us over the top, leaving each to their own devices, waiting to scream the remaining chorus, hands rhythmically waving in the air.

Six more tracks of remix elements, ranging from Robin's a cappella to driving beats, perfect for the DJ/remixer in all of us round out this excellent blend of trance mixes. I See Stars, indeed.

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