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Combine the funky filtered Hip Hop sounds of DJ Steve McGuiness with the classically trained Jazz pianist Robert Chetcuti with a chance meeting in Malta and you end up with the Rhythm Masters! After remixing the likes of Michael Jackson, INXS, Todd Terry, David Morales, Junior Vasquez, and Roger Sanchez, the Rhythm Masters are now offering up their debut album "Disconnect Your Head" released on the New York based Tommy Boy Silver label.

The album is a hand picked collection of 12 heart pounding tracks written and produced by the UK based duo. From filtered house grooves and electro breakbeat to hip hop, the Rhythm Masters cover their stylistic bases very well. The set opens with "The Underground" which has already spent the summer at the top of the charts and proves that these guys can turn out a beat.

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The wonderfully soulful "The Ghetto" featuring the vocals of Jo Watson is up next. Other album highlights include the hypnotic "Angels" (which is also a planned single) that features the vocals of Diane Charlemagne. "Angels" has all the earmarks of a hit with its memorable hook and gorgeous melody, so keep your eyes open for this one!

The other stand out track of the set is the memorable and hooky "Speed of Light" which sounds like a combination between Stardust's "The Music Sounds Better With You" and U2! Very European sounding, the filtered house track can definitely stand on its own in the radio arena.

Overall the production is clean and creative. The material is extremely varied yet well compiled. The style and sound of the Rhythm Masters is well gelled and very embraceable. Although most of the tracks are effects and beat driven, Disconnect Your Head also contains some of the better song written dance tracks available. Capturing the best of both worlds "Disconnect Your Head" is an exciting and fresh debut release from a very promising duo... The Rhythm Masters

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