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Amsterdam born singer Rene Froger is the leading male vocalist in Holland, and after hearing this single, its easy to see why. His career spans 10 years with more than 30 top 40 hits and 10 Dutch-certified multi-platinum albums.

Mr. Froger has landed on US soil with this his US debut single. The CD contains four mixes. The first track is the "Vocal Radio Edit" (3:44) and is our favorite track of the set. The essence of the song really shines through on this shorter track. The second track is the "Pistol Pete Lorimer's Vocal Mix" (7:01) and is old house sounding with a bit of European sensibility thrown in. The third track is "Pistol Pete Lorimer's Disco Dubaliscious" (6:13) and is a retro-styled smooth funk dub track. The final track is the "Q&K Session" (9:47) and is the Hi NRG techno track of the set with the fastest tempo and transparent vocal dubs.

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Overall a great single from a virtually unknown entity (to the US). It'll be exciting to see where this one goes.
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