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"Miss The Way - Razor N Guido Mix" (9:45) is a classic hard house vocal track that blends the underground scene with diva sensibility mixed with a touch of trance.

The intro is a little over two minutes long with a few Trance elements that follow, but Reina jumps right in with her hot sexy club ready voice and gets the track started. Overall the mix is very DJ friendly and should find its place amongst any longer mix.

Unfortunately Reina is one of the most underrated vocalists on the scene today. She has that extremely hot vocal charisma that can drive an average song over the top. "Miss The Way" is a snappy driving track, and Reina delivers the goods. Perhaps this track will get her noticed?

"Miss The Way" is a DJ's dream with loads of builds and releases - a top notch track worthy of any dance floor.

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