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Cool Music is back at it again. This time it’s with Rebecca’s “In My Dreams” which is a passionate effort sure to delight dance fans. Hailing out of Sweden and paired with RTZ Productions, “In My Dreams” is poised to make a great mark for Rebecca.

“In My Dreams” is the title cut and exhibits Rebecca’s excellent vocals. Her style lends itself to a brilliant cross between Britney Spears (with more finesse) and Debbie Gibson. This track needs no additional mixing; its speed and pitch are nearly perfect for the dance floor. With double beats and an outstanding hook “Give Me Your Love” encompasses what all the American Girls (Britney, Christina, Mandy and Jessica) are trying to do. Not only does it move your body, the lyrics make sense and Rebecca actually makes it through the entire song without moaning once! Heavy on reverb, this song is a masterpiece!

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“Young Forever” is classic Euro, and very Daze-esque, quick, bouncy beats with a little bit of disco thrown in – You like the Gina G. style? “Going Crazy” will satisfy your fix, fine lyrics with lots of swinging beats; it’s just pure happy music.

“Love Is the Hand” is a see through ballad with this seemingly heavy, yet very melodic progression. I’m not a huge fan of ballads, especially where dance artists are concerned, but somehow Rebecca makes this tune work. “Find A Way” is the breakout sleeper on this album – huge crossover potential. The drum tracks are well put together, and the programming is very tight. Remixed, this cut would fill a dance floor, hands down.

“Su-Su-Render”, “Once In A Lifetime”, “Faraway”, “One More Time”, “All That I Want” and “B4 You Go-Go” all round out the set for a very enjoyable listening experience.

All of the tracks on this album are very strong and hit their mark. With the current craze of female hit makers in the States, I’m hopeful that Rebecca gets in on some of the action! End result? Cool Music still has it with this new album.

This album has not yet been released. Contact Cool Music for more information.

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