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CD Non-Stop Mix Album
What more can be said about the dynamic duo known as Razor N Guido? Better known for their incredible mixes of Robert Miles' "Fable", Kylie Minogue's "Did It Again", and their original production of "You Used To Hold Me", "Dancefloor", out on the Groovilicious label, marks their debut mix cd album.

"Dancefloor" is a fine collection of songs all written by RnG and it bangs with the classic RnG New York flavor! The continuos mix album starts of with a short DJ rap and scratch session then quickly slams into the classic New York club rhythms. Dance diva Reina provides the stellar vocals on two of the tracks including "You" and "Miss The Way", both of which are hits in their own right.

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Speaking of hits, the huge house stomper of last summer, "Do It Again" is also dished up, with a humorous turntable needle problem gag in the middle of the track!

The title track "Dancefloor" featuring vocals by Octahvia, is pure house music at its best that only RnG could deliver. Other artists who lend their vocals to this amazing set are Renee, Alan T, Darrel Martin, and Big Anthony. The set concludes with the ultra cheeky "Cheesy" featuring vocals by La Chunch. "Cheesy" is a poke at the Aqua's of the world, but with a sense of humor RnG pull this one off in style.

Possibly one of the best mix compilations of last year, Razor N Guido's "Dancefloor" is jam packed with deep club house tunes served up with spice that only RnG could deliver!

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