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CD Compilation Album - Radikal Records
New York based Radikal Records has put out "Radikal Techno 5" that features tracks from the likes of ATB, Schiller, Emma Shapplin, and Darude and is not really a compilation of Techno tracks per se. "Radikal Techno 5" is compiled more of a combination of house and edgy trance tracks that have been making their way around the club circuit than hardcore techno. Most tracks are of the consumer friendly radio edit length variety. Only Blank & Jones' " Sound of Machines" and Mellow Trax's "Phuture Vibes" are in the five to six minute range. Most interestingly the album is not mixed as you might expect, rather a collection of hits.
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The album's highlights include ATB's "The Fields of Love", Schiller's "Das Glockenspiel" (which spent three months in the top 25 sales charts in Germany), Opera Trance featuring Emma Shapplin "Spente Le Stelle" (which hit big here in the States earlier this year), "At The Club" by SM Trax (big hit on Miami's Power 96), Picotto's Komodo (which is one of those memorable
pop/new age tracks that keeps popping up in compilations as well as advertising), and Darude's "Sandstorm" (which has sold over a million copies world-wide by itself.) The album ends on a positive note with York's "On The Beach".

Overall a good listen and a fine collection at that. I would have liked to have seen the collection mixed, but since the caliper of tracks is so high, it doesn't effect the quality of the album. Radikal Records is certainly stepping up to the plate by importing these tracks to the U.S. Also currently available on Radikal is "The Best of Techno" and "Radikal Techno Volume 4".
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