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CD Non-Stop Mix Album
If remixing were an Olympic sport, then without a doubt, Richard "Humpty" Vission would win the gold medal hands down! "Shut The Fu*k Up and Dance" is the frenetic debut mix album by the speedmaster of DJ's Richard "Humpty" Vission. Consisting of no less than 54 heart pounding tracks in 74 minutes, "Shut The Fu*k Up and Dance" pushes the limits of mixing and truly showcases the talents of this veteran DJ.

This album approaches a spiritual sermon of House Music. The message is clear, House Music set's you free and brings everyone together. Lift's you up and takes you higher... throw your hands up in the air... House Music is freedom to feel love, share love. Children come together in the spirit of house.

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This album goes beyond the typical DJ remix set by infusing multiple samples with musical snippets in an ultimately seamless fashion. The result is a smooth mix that isn't burdened by the sheer number of tracks. The mixing will surely bring a smile to your face as the set morphs from heavy house to trance to drum n bass breakbeat to rap to everything and anything you can think of. Musical genre's go out the window on this one.

With some 54 tracks to list, some of the highlights include "The Launch" by DJ Jean, "Everybody's Free" by RHV feat. Rozalla, "Reach Up" by JJ & Tony Lee, "You Used To Hold Me" by Xavier Gold, "Get Get Down" by Paul Johnson, "Rise" by Eddie Amador, "Must Be The Music" by Joey Negro, "U Don't Know Me" by Armand Van Heldon feat Duane Harden, "When I'm With You" by Lego, "Shut The Fu*k Up and Dance" by Adreneline, "Alright" by RHV feat. Devone, "Love N' Happiness" by River Ocean feat India. The CD ends with "Dj Saved My Life" which is an appropriate end to this truly amazing set.

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