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Everybody's Free CD Remixes
Originally released a couple of years back, sans Vission, "Everybody's Free" was re-recorded for Vission's debut mix album, "Shut The F*** Up and Dance". This pairing of phenomenal personalities of Vission himself and the queen of the clubs Rozalla is a hit just waiting to happen.

The CD Single I received is filled with eight massive mixes, with most made for crossover appeal with genres ranging from tribal to house to, sound of the moment, trance.
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Everybody kicks off with the radio edits - "Vission's Original Radio Edit" (3:29); "Mijangos Remix Radio Edit" (3:50) and "Mind Trap Radio Edit" (3:50). At a first listen, Vission's Mix would be the most likely to make a jump to radio. Its' light house sound is a hot staple in the top 40 market right now with the likes of Fragma and Alice DJ hitting the waves. While the Mijangos Mix is a mighty mix, it's also very thick and soulful sounding, which may sideline the mix with PD's. Mind Trap's Mix rounds out the radio edits with a mountain of effects on the vocals - capitalizing on the current Vocoder craze.

Now the "Plasma Trace Mix" (7:02) is something to write home about - the intro to this track is simply shocking! The trancey beats just roll and roll making the transition nicely from intro to the meat of the song, highlighting Rozalla's glorious vocal abilities. What a stellar example of vocalist meets producer meets remixer. Plasma doesn't stop creating sounds - even conservative house minds will love this mix. The "Vission Cyberfest Mix" (6:04) is a full non-stop version of the "Original Radio Edit" complete with a more progressive NRG sounding introduction.

The "Mijangos Tribal Mix" (7:37) is something for clubheads to really get off on - the heavy bass grooves are somewhat disjointed and the panning is squelched at times in favor of growling kick drums - perfect for that rave your hearing about. Mind Trap offer us both the "Anthem Vocal" (8:14) and the "Deep Dub" (7:34) both of which are house based will have your floor swaying with plenty of hands in the air!

"Everybody's Free" is an anthematic tune - no doubt about it. Vission has produced a DJ's record from the first beat to the last these mixes are solid!

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