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Return to Music Page Planet Electrica - Protection   Rampage Music, LLC., under license from Earth Love Fund, is proud to announce the release of “Protection”, a Planet Electrica project, featuring major artists in cooperation to aid the victims of Hurricane Mitch  and other natural disasters in Central America. This new 2 CD set features some new and some hard-to-find electronica classics by well know pop and dance artists. Through the release of Planet Electrica, Earth Love Fund will not only raise funds to send out to disaster areas, but will also aim to attract attention to underlying issues such as rainforest protection and environmental management. This is the collection of music that matters, for an environmentally sound world.

Featuring artists such as “Massive Attack”, “Fatboy Slim”, “Chemical Brothers”, “U2” and other electronica greats, how can one go wrong with this one? The album opens with a very moody and melodic “Protection” by Massive Attack as mixed by Brian Eno, and then takes the listener on a musical journey through many varying styles of electronica music ranging from dance funk to hard off the beaten path tracks by lesser-known artists. A total of nineteen tracks are offered up on this double CD, where is music is the message and the message is positive.

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