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One of the first things that you will notice about this release is the monster cut of vinyl this track is pressed on. The grooves are deeper than usual which really allows the bass to pump! Seeing as a club DJ was involved in the creation of this record, you can understand why the additional attention to detail is here.

"The Real Thing", available on the Bronx Underground label, is a collaboration between DJ/Producer Phunky Phil Hooton (resident DJ at Space in Leeds UK) and singer/producer Keith Thompson which is a remake of the classic track by Steven Donte and Jellybean. The track has been updated with new underground beats and minimal synths with a sax thrown in here and there for additional  texture. "The Real Thing" is deeply routed in the House music sub genre and tends to push the vocals to the front of the production which is a nice change.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) Side A gives us the main "Hooton-Tooton Vocal Mix" while the B side provides us with the DJ inspired "Open Alert Dub" which has woofer shattering bass and features the vocal hook. Also on the B side is the "Saxtramental" mix which serves as the underground instrumental of the set.

Overall a slammin underground house track that shows potential.

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