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Return to Music Page Pete Tong - Selections from Essential Mix (CD Mix Album) Next up in the very popular "Essential" series out on the London-Sire label, we find Pete Tong's "Selections From Essential Mix". I have to admit that I had not previously heard of any of these 15 artists/tracks featured on this cd,but after the March 20th 2001 release date of this collection, chances are you will want to hear more!

Mixed by the world renowned British DJ Pete Tong, who incidentally is also a A&R rep for London Records, Selections From Essential Mix starts of very strong with the underground sounds of Rui Da Silva's "Touch Me" (Original Mix) that features wonderfully hypnotic vocals that make this a stand out track on its own. Next up is the gut wrenching bass of Jakatta's "American Booty" that drives the mix forward into a frenzy with its incredibly synergetic groove. Track #3 serves up the house-friendly "Mine To Give" (David Morales Facedown Mix) by Photek. Track #4, "Sputnik" by Pete Heller, is a great example of what trance could be with its quick arpeggios. Track #5 dumps us back into underground house with Emilina Torini's "To Be Free" (Club Mix). Emilina is a dead ringer for Bjork!

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The balance of the mix takes us further into clubland with some very sophisticated underground sounds. However as the set progresses, we have less and less vocals and strong melodies. Instead Pete incorporates more beats and synth driven tracks that are ok for the night clubs, but get a little dry as a home listening experience.

Overall this collection is extremely well assembled and mixed by Pete Tong. "Selections From Essential Mix" will certainly add to the Essentials as put forth by previous Essential collections by DJ Icey, and Boy George. With all that said, this essential mix is decidedly Pete Tong.
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