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Produced by Paul Oakenfold, "Swordfish The Album" is an ecclectic collection
of songs featured in the Movie Swordfish. The intro features movie dialogue
from John Travolta. The album gets off to a start with the smooth grooving
"The Word" (PMT Remix) by Dope Smugglaz. Paul Oakenfold's "Unafraid" follows
and features the vocals of Jan Johnson. This track has a nice gritty Republica feel to it that fits nicely with the melody. Paul Oakenfold's "Dark Machine" follows and is the first four on the floor techno inspired track of the set. The dark texture and movie snippets fit nicely into the set. Oakenfold continues the dark energy with "New Born" (Oakenfold Mix) that features the vocals of Muse. This track has a nice cinematic and trance-like melodic hook.

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The percolating and aggressive "Chase" by Oakenfold and Christopher Young is
up next. By the title you can guess how the track is used in the movie. Other album highlights include "Speed" by Oakenfold, "On Your Mind" (Omaha Mix) by Patient Saints, and the aggressive "Get Out Of My Life Now" by Paul Oakenfold and Planet Perfecto.

"Swordfish The Album" is very well compiled by Oakenfold. Absent are the
typical movie filler tracks that usually accompany soundtracks such as this. The end result is an enjoyable grouping of classic dance inspired Oakenfold tracks that all share a common texture. The album never gets stagnant and makes for a nice bridge that fills in the gap between dance music and pop culture.

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