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"Nightlife" is the title of the latest album from the Pet Shop Boys. Released back in October, we decided to wait a bit before reviewing the album. We wanted it to grow on us, and it did.

If you are a die-hard PSB fan, you probably have followed these guys through
the past decade or so. This album, like the others, is not entirely dance
based. First and foremost, the song writing is superb, and there are enough
danceable numbers on it to keep you interested. "New York City Boy" spent
nearly a month at the top of our DJPJ's top 10 picks and is a huge club hit
worldwide. The remixes of NYCB are excellent and offer a great deal of
variety from Almighty to TP2K.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) Nightlife's song styles vary from the driving techno oriented "For Your Own
Good" (which incidentally opens their North American Tour - see REVIEW) to
the country inspired acoustic feeling "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When
You're Drunk". The first release off of the album was the "I Don't Know What
You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore" and it barely charted. And by the way,
what's with these long song titles anyway?

The album absolutely stops dead in its tracks with the hauntingly gorgeous "In Denial", a duet sung with Euro-pop queen Kylie Minogue.

Overall the songwriting and the production are the strength of the album.
Some tracks are a bit noisy and too busy, but the classic PSB style shines
through. Certainly not their best offering to date, if you're a fan, it's a
nice addition to the collection.

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