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PPK's "ResuRection" began it's life in Europe where Paul Oakenfold discovered PPK while spinning at a gig. The crowd's response was so overwhelming that Oakenfold signed the Russian production team to his Perfecto label for European distribution. The single quickly rocketed to number one on the UK dance chart and debuted at No 3 on the UK pop chart. Now the single has crossed the pond and is now being offered up to US audiences on the New York based Tommy Boy Silver label. The four track US release features previously unreleased remixes by Tylas & Lawrence.

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"ResuRection" has a hypnotic appeal that sounds like it was written for a movie score. As a matter of fact, "ResuRection" commemorates man's first trip into space, and features the theme from the internationally acclaimed 1979 film "Sibiriada". Track #1 "Radio Edit" (3:14) is the radio friendly edit while track #2 is the "Original Mix" (8:00) that scored so high on the European charts, and would work well mixed into a trance or electronica set. Although not a slam it in your face track, the appeal of the song is in its gentle approach and almost dreamy child like sensibility.

Track #3 "Tylas & Lawrence Remix" (7:45) is a slightly more hard hitting trance version, yet the dreamy simple quality is retained. Lastly track #4 "Tylas & Lawrence Dub" (4:38) is the dub rhythmic counterpart to track #3. The bottom line is that this track is not a throw your hands in the air anthem. Despite the lack of generic synth stabs, "ReseRection" should find a following with the minimal purists who enjoy creating an atmosphere over chaos.

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