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Olive - "Trickle" CD Album

“Trickle” is the title of Olive’s latest full-length album release. Following several years after their successful “You’re Not Alone” (SEE NAJM TOP 100), “Trickle” has been released without too much fanfare but has managed to score a hit with their first single release off of the album, “I’m Not In Love”.

Those of you who are familiar with Olive’s drum N bass trip hypnotic trance inspired sound, won’t be disappointed by this album. For those of you looking for hard hitting dance tracks should look elsewhere.

The album starts off with the strong “Love Affair” where Olive pushes us back to that familiar soundscape they created several years ago. “I’m Not In Love” is the pop hit cover song that Olive has given their signature treatment to. I never really liked the original ballad version of this song, but Olive’s Euro tech trip hop version is the most memorable track of the album and is well done.

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Of the twelve tracks, only a few stand out as being memorable. The rest of the songs seem to lumber along in a pensive manner without terribly significant hooks or melodies, much like their debut album.

Olive has stayed true to their musical roots, but possibly at the expense of innovation and experimentation.


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