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NAJM Music Nervous Records Pool Party feat. Charlotte & Byron Stingily The stars shined brightly above the Nervous Records cocktail party at the Albion Hotel on Lincoln Road, South Beach on Sunday March 26th from 10pm to 1am. The night was co sponsored by Nervous and Camel Cigarettes, who provided the multi-storied projections on the adjacent buildings that surrounded the event.
Return to Dance Culture Home Page The weather was gorgeous, the setting quaint. "Little" Louie Vega provided the pool side spinning and performed what was called an electric lounge set that consisted of a smooth grooving spin that spanned classic house to salsa inspired Latin beats. Barbra Tucker, Duane Harden, and Kevin Aviance were all seen milling about the crowd. We couldn't help to think that someone would end up in the pool (inadvertently) due to the slightly cramped setting.
Charlotte was first to take the "stage" which was merely a cleared piece of patio at the end of the pool. She appeared wearing a white tassel adorned sexy number and long blondish hair (very Mariah Carey like). She started off with "Skin" and then performed her new single (which we didn't catch the name of).
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We were a little disappointed in the fact that she didn't do "Someday". Her performance was not as good as the one we saw her do in Atlanta last summer, but she was at a disadvantage in that the sound guys were not really up on things. She had absolutely NO reverb on her voice, which made the performance seem flat since she was outside. Feedback also plagued the performance. All in all, we still love this woman and are looking forward to seeing her thrive in the dance music community.

Next up was Byron Stingily who also had a run in with the sound guys. The first 2 minutes of the song, his microphone was off, but as a true performer, Byron sang on. The crowd cheered when the voice appeared! He performed two or three new tracks off of his forthcoming album. The last of which clocked in at 145 BPM! He commented that DJ's were having a problem playing the single at that speed- but it worked. The song had a great and memorable hook.

The evening was very pleasant, and ended promptly at 1am- which gave us enough time to head onto the clubs! Thanks Nervous!

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